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CCNA Course

The Knowledge Academy is Global Recognized as the Industry leader is providing CISCO Training to Network Professionals. Our “Certified CISCO Expert team ” comprises over 50 leading expert network engineers, who on average have more than 19 years of industry recognised experience. Our instructor have developed unique teaching methods to help inspiring candidate and provide them with knowledge and skills, which will prepare them for sucessfully managing IT infrastructure using CISCO advanced networking solution’s.

CCNA Course Overview

CCNA is one of the premier IT networking certification exclusively designed by CISCO systems to enhance, to develop networking knowledge, and evaluate the IT and networking qualification of ana individual . It is certification that certifies the person having comprehensive knowledge about installing and mantaining and troubleshooting network consisting routers, switches, firewalls and servers. 

Our CCNA certification will provide you with the skills of adaptation communication technologies and installing, configuring and maintain devices which ensures your transition into a proficient IT and network engineer. Our courses help you to engage with CISCO networking equipments and environment efficiently. This corses will prepare you for the exam and make you exam-easy for achieving certification of your choosing, where it’s in security, cloud, wireless, data centre or any other certification.

Basic Networking Course Content

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