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Google ADS Experience

Knowledge and Stability for your Business.

Google Company

Google Ads

Google Tag Manager

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Google Analytics


Google Shopping

What is the Google Experience?

The Google ADS Experience is a methodology that allows you to go straight to the point to apply the best Google strategies with a focus on results. Throughout the Journey, individual training will be held with Google-certified experts to use Google’s main tools. The transfer of knowledge and the incessant search for results makes the Google ADS Experience an assertive path for your business to grow every day with Google. Throughout the Journey, you will have an expert for each Google advertising tool important to succeed:


  • Google ADS;
  • Youtube;
  • Google My Business;
  • Tag Manager;
  • Google Merchant Center;
  • Google Shopping;
  • Google Analytics.

Everything 100% in practice from the beginning of the creation of the campaign to the finalisation, with everything you need to leverage your business and increase your revenue.