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Cyber Forensic Investigation

Cyber Forensics, also known as computer forensics, plays a crucial role in the investigation of cyber offenses and online frauds. It involves the extraction and analysis of digital evidence such as an electronic document, computer, laptop, and storage mediums such as USB drives, hard disks etc.

Cyber Forensics is one of the branches of Digital Forensics that deals with the extraction, preservation, and inspection of any such device that has a storage memory and basic computing power. Cyber Forensics experts are proficient in the extraction of existing or deleted information from a storage or computing device for conducting investigations.

Scope of Cyber Forensic in India

As already stated above, cyber forensics courses in India are gaining increasing popularity among students. This is due to the rapid rise in incidents of online and mobile phone frauds. The following prime objectives form the basis of cyber forensics courses in India:

• Knowledge of the approach and methods of cyber crime investigations
• Understanding the defensive measures of damage control in response to cyber attacks
• Knowledge of the proactive methods of avoiding cyber crimes
• Recognizing the clues to identify and prevent potential cyber attacks
• Learning the various types of risks involved in computerized and networking operations

Cyber Forensics Services

Disk, Network and Mobile Forensics

Disk, network and mobile forensics are essential to develop an attack context in near real time . This facilities rapid investigations. Data capture with minimum loss and retrieval of massive data sets helps pivot smoothly between detection and investigation

Malware Analysis-Static and Dynamic

Malware Analysis helps safely execute and analyze malware in a secure environment to strengthen threat intelligence. It helps learn about the entire attack lifecycles and empowers organizations with the ability to detect and eliminate any security breaches due to malware attacks


Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile Device Forensics are needed when a mobile is hacked, whatsapp chat needs to be retrieved after deletion or deleted data from a social channel is deleted from a mobile phone. For example, some mobile forensics may require to retrieval of multimedia, chats etc. Mobile forensics is also used to prevent, detect and respond to threats with comprehensives, intelligence driven endpoint visibility. It enables you to instantly act on alerts and enable secure, remote investigation.

What you learn Cyber Forensics?

Cyber Forensics Tools


The Slueith Kit

Forensic Toolkit



When Cyber Forensics is Required ?

Digital evidence and the forensic process used to collect, preserve and investigate it-has become an important part of solving crimes and legal issues. The information collected by digital can prove critcal in solving legal matters and computer forensics often plays a role in identifying and preserving that information. Digital evidence is useful in uncovering digital crimes such as data theft, network breaches and illicit online transactions. It’s also used to solve physical world crimes more accurately. It gives you data that is well managed and safe can help streamline the forensic process if and when that data is required for investigation.

About this Free Certificate Course

This free course on cyber forensics provides a comprehensive introduction to the field. With the increasing prevalence of cybercrime, it is important to have a basic unerstanding of the processes and procedures involved in cyber forensics. This course covers the need for cyber forensics, the process involved different types, the difference between cyber forensics and cyber security, the skill sets required, tools used, and challenges faced by cyber forensics investigators. The course begins by introducing cyber forensics and discussing the need for it. 

Cyber Forensic Investigation Course Content

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