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Best Technical SEO Demystified Latest Guide to Indexing, and Ranking

What is Technical SEO?

When it comes to SEO, mostly On Page SEO and Off Page SEO are discussed. Due to this, the beginner does not have much knowledge of technical SEO. Due to this, they do not get as much success as compared to their hard work. Because in today’s time, SEO has advanced a lot. Without technical SEO, it is very difficult to rank any website in search results.

Technical SEO


Technical Search Engine Optimization is a type of SEO like On Page and Off Page. Technical SEO is a very important factor in ranking any website on the search results page. No matter how well you do On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO on your website, it is very difficult to rank your website without technical Search Engine Optimization.

Now if this question is running in your mind what is Technical SEO? How to do Technical SEO? So to get answers to all these questions, read this article till the end, because in this article we are going to provide you with all the information related to Technical Search Engine Optimization. So without wasting much time, let’s go straight to our article and try to know in detail what is Technical Search Engine Optimization. How to do Technical SEO?

Table of Contents:

  • What is Technical SEO?
  • Technical SEO Checklist
  • How to do Technical SEO?
  • #1 – Domain
  • #2 – Install SSL Certificate
  • #3 – Create XML Sitemap
  • #4 – Create Robots.txt File
  • #5 – Keep the website design simple
  • #6 – Keep website speed fast
  • #7 – Create Mobile Friendly Blog
  • #8 – Fix Broken Link
  • #9 – Reduce Spam Score
  • #10 – Add Schema Markup
  • #11 – Add Canonical Tag
  • #12 – Fix errors in Google Search Console
  • Why is Technical SEO so important?

What is Technical SEO?

When we make whatever technical improvements we make to rank our website on the search engine result page. It is called Technical SEO. Technical Search Engine Optimization has nothing to do with the content on your website Like- Keyword Placement, Meta Tag, Internal Linking, External Link, etc. Things like Website Speed, Domain Name, Website Layout, XML Sitemap, Robots.txt File, etc. come under its SEO. In short, Technical Search Engine Optimization has nothing to do with On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.


Technical SEO Checklist:

The basis on which Technical Search Engine Optimization of any website is done. I have provided you with its checklist below. Which you can read and follow on your website.

  1. Domain Name
  2. Install SSL Certificate
  3. Create XML Sitemap
  4. Optimize Robots.txt File
  5. Website Design
  6. Loading Speed
  7. Mobile Friendly
  8. Use Schema Markup
  9. Fix Broken Link
  10. Reduce Spam Score
  11. Add Canonical Tag
  12. Check Google Search Console

How to do Technical SEO?

If you have read this article till now, then you should know what is Technical Search Engine Optimization. Must have had some knowledge of this. Now we know how to do Technical Search Engine Optimization.

#1 – Domain Name:

When you buy a domain name to create a blog or website, then you start technical SEO. Therefore you should always buy Top Level Domain only. Which can be accessed with www and without www. If your domain name is not accessible on any of these, it has a very bad effect on your technical SEO.

#2 – SSL Certificate Install:

SSL Certificate comes in Google’s 200+ ranking factors and it also signals to the users that your website is completely secure. Because of this, you must install an SSL Certificate on your website.

#3 – Create XML Sitemap:

If you want search engine bots to crawl and index your website quickly, you will have to create an XML Sitemap for your website and submit it to Google Search Console. XML Sitemap creates a map of any website. After that search engine bots can crawl the website easily.

#4 – Create Robots.txt File:

Robots.txt file tells search engine bots how to crawl the content on this website. When search engine crawlers come to crawl a website, first of all, they search for the Robot.txt file of that website. In which they get indications as to which webpage they should crawl or which webpage they should not crawl. If there is no Robots.txt file on your website then search engine crawlers will start crawling your entire website. Due to this, your important web pages may be missed from crawling. Because search engine crawlers have a limited time to crawl your website. Which is called Crawl Budget. To avoid this problem, you must create a Robots.txt file for your website.

#5 – Website Design:

If you want to improve the experience of your users and keep the bounce rate and exit rate of your website low, then keep the design of your website simple and simple. Don’t make it too flashy.

#6 – Keep website speed fast:

If the speed of any website is fast, then it has more chances to rank on the search results page. Because website speed is very important from an SEO point of view. If the loading speed of your website is low then users will leave your website. Due to this, the ranking of your website will go down. You can use the WP-Rocket plugin to speed up the website speed.

#7 – Create Mobile Friendly Blog:

Your blog needs to be mobile-friendly because today 57% of users use mobile phones to access any information. If your website is not mobile-friendly then your website will get 60 to 70 percent less traffic as compared to other websites. You can use the Generatepress theme to make your website mobile-friendly. This is a Lightweight theme. Apart from this, you can make your website mobile-friendly by installing the AMP plugin.

#8 – Fix Broken Link:

Knowingly or unknowingly many broken links are created on the website. Due to this 404 error starts appearing on the website. Which has a bad effect on SEO. If there are broken links on your website, find them and fix them immediately.

#9 – Reduce Spam Score:

Spam score increases on any website when more bad backlinks are created on it. Due to this, the ranking of any website goes down. If you want the Spam Score of your website not to increase, then with the help of Google Disavow Tool, search for all the bad backlinks and disavow them.

#10 – Add Schema Markup:

Schema Markup is an HTML tag. Which provides important information about your website to search engines. With its use the CTR of the website increases. It is used to show Rich Snippet on the search results page. To use this you can use any SEO Plugin.

#11 – Add Canonical Tag:

Canonization is a very important factor in technical Search Engine Optimization. When more than one URL of the same webpage is created on a website, Canonical Tag is used to solve the problem of duplicate content in the website. By using this, search engine bots index the main URL, and ignore all other similar URLs.

#12 – Fix errors in Google Search Console:

Keep fixing all the errors coming in Google Search Console from time to time. By fixing these errors, the technical Search Engine Optimization of your website improves a lot.

Why is Technical SEO so important?

Technical Search Engine Optimization can greatly impact the performance of any website on the search results page. If your site’s web pages are not eligible for ranking for search engines, they will not appear or rank in search results, no matter how valuable your content is. Due to this, there may be a decrease in traffic on your website. Also, the webpage loading speed and mobile-friendliness of a website are ranking factors confirmed by Google. If your pages load slowly, users may become frustrated and leave your website. This creates a negative image of you in the eyes of Google. Due to this Google affects the ranking of your website. Due to this Technical Search Engine Optimization has become so important in today’s time.

Final Words – What is Technical SEO?

In today’s article, we told you what is Technical Search Engine Optimization. How to do Technical Search Engine Optimization? Complete information about this has been provided. Technical SEO plays a very important role in ranking any webpage on the top of the search engine result page. That is why you have to read all the methods mentioned in this article carefully and understand them. I hope this article has helped you a lot. If so, then definitely share this article with your friends on social media.








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