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What is Graphic Designing?

What is graphic design?

When you think about graphic design, what comes to your mind? It could be a logo, a digital marketing graphic, an illustration, a magazine cover, or something else entirely. and you know what? You would be right!

Graphic design comes in many different shapes and sizes. What they all have in common is that they are designed to communicate visually, and are usually done on a computer or tablet.

We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you learn more about graphic design, adapted for today’s times.

let’s get started.

Graphic Design


Table Contents of Graphic Design

  • What is graphic design?
  • Why is graphic design important?
  • A Brief History of Graphic Design (Infographic)
  • 9 Graphic Design Types You Need to Know

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the process of creating visual content that helps communicate messages with audiences. The art of visual communication is essential, especially for brands that want to connect with their target audience, and graphic design is the perfect solution.

We are not just a tool, we are a complete workshop.
Create visual experiences for your business and brand, whether you’re an experienced designer or a total novice.

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Nexcorp Academy helps you build the reputation you deserve. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a designer, crayons are your worst enemy, allowing everyone to do their best work.

Graphic Design


Ready-to-meet Presentation
Whether you’re at an investor meeting or a parent-teacher meeting, it’s better to say less and show more. NexCorp Academy helps you combine your expertise into a highly engaging, highly impactful presentation.




Graphic Design



Attractive charts and infographics
People remember 55% more information when they see it visually rather than hearing it. Transforming solid data or difficult information into easy-to-understand infographics helps with longer retention.




Graphic Design




Professional branded document
It’s important to create an overall branding experience that includes common business documents like applications, training documents, invoices, and letterhead. makes it easy to create branded documents across every department.




Graphic Design



social post
If having an active presence on social media is so important, why are so many businesses and brands so bad at it? Success isn’t measured by likes or views, empower your entire workgroup to create great posts on social media with all your branding guidelines in mind.




Graphic Design




Short Videos and Animations
Stir up your branding strategy with videos and animations. Whether for social media, your website, or your YouTube channel, video is a great way to get your messages across faster and more clearly.




Brands leverage graphic design in their logos, marketing materials, advertisements, website graphics, and even internal documents and communications by email.

To understand how graphic design works, you need to understand the different elements that make up a design. These graphic design elements include:

  • color
  • typography
  • Queue
  • Shape
  • size
  • Texture
  • hierarchy

There are also several principles that graphic designers need to follow to make their designs effective and get attention. You might have called these Gestalt design principles.

Some of these principles include:

  • Simplicity
  • Proximity
  • continuity
  • symmetry

Putting all the different elements and principles together can turn a design into a professional-looking graphic.

While graphic designers in general have often been trained on these principles, having a basic understanding can help anyone with little or no design skills create an attractive visual design.

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics of graphic design, let’s dive into why graphic design is such an important skill.

Why is graphic design important?

You have learned what graphic design is, but it is also important to know why graphic design is important. Graphic design is important for many reasons. First of all, it is the basis of every logo design you have seen. Second, think about all the social media content and ads you see every day. Yes, all graphic design.

Additionally, graphic design is a part of book cover design, magazine page layout, product design, apparel design, and more.

Here are some statistics that help drive home our point of how essential the graphic arts are.

Graphic Design

9 Graphic Design Types You Need to Know:

You should have a good grasp of the basics of graphic design and where it comes from. Now let’s talk about the types of graphic design that you know today. Some of these, you may not have even realized are graphic design.

Type #1: Brand Identity Design
The first type of graphic design is designing a brand identity. As a business professional, this is the single most important type of information you need to know.

While your company will likely use a variety of these, no company can be successful without a brand identity.

A brand identity includes the following:

types of colors
Imagery Style
brand guideline
You can see an example of a brand guideline that captures all of these brand identity elements below.

Graphic designers specialize in just a couple of different types of designs. Brand identity designers should be well-versed in graphic design trends, what types of designs appeal to customers, and much more.

Type #2: Marketing and Advertising Design
The next type of graphic design we are going to cover is marketing and advertising design. This expertise focuses on the graphics we see on social media, websites, and advertisements both online and offline.

All the billboards you see while driving, all the brochures you see at the coffee shop counter, and all the professional social media graphics you see while scrolling through your feed are part of marketing and advertising graphic design.

A countless number of marketing materials can be created to promote a brand, and many designers specialize in this type of graphic design.

Type #3: User Interface Design
User interface (UI) design focuses more on designing the actual websites, apps, software, and other online programs.

This specialization requires the designer to understand how to create an attractive design, while also ensuring that it is easy for the user to navigate and understand how to use.

Our UI team has worked hard to create an easy-to-use interface for Nexcorp Academy’s design tools so that both new and experienced users can get the most out of their experience.

Type #4: Product Design
Product design involves creating the overall design of products and how they are presented to an audience. This could be anything from t-shirt prints and bottles to the actual design of a watering can or coffee mug.

Take these products from Frank Body for example. Bottle shapes are designed for all skin care types, but a designer also had to create designs that would be on each bottle or package.

Product designers have to ensure that the products they create work well for the user. Sometimes this involves redesigning products that people already use and love while other times it may involve designing something entirely new.

Type #5: Design Publishing
The next type of graphic design we’ll cover is publication design. Publication design includes the design of things like magazines, ebooks, white papers, reports, books, newsletters, brochures, etc.

Publishing designers need to be able to create an attractive design that is still readable and ensures that the information flows well on each page.

In this regard, it is not all just about design. The actual words and content should also be beautifully accented with design.

Here’s an example of an easy-to-read and well-designed publication. The cover features an illustration and headlines highlighting what readers will find inside, while the interior pages do a great job of illustrating the content and calling out key points while ensuring that the copy is the star of the show.

To try your hand at publication design, you can customize this eBook template and share your information with your audience in an engaging way.

Type #6: Packaging Design
Another important type of graphic design is packaging. When you’re selling something that many other companies sell, you need to find a way to be unique – often your packaging can help you do this.

Whether you attract certain audiences with minimalist packaging design or you are creative, it is important to have unique packaging.

Take a look at this toilet paper roll packaging. Being creative with it will make people choose your product over others, just because it’s cute or it’s different.

Packaging designers face the challenge of finding unique ways to present their products so that consumers choose them over their competitors.

Type #7: Typeface Design
Think about all the fonts you see daily. Check out the fonts used in this blog post. Someone had to design all this.

Every single font, even the most basic ones like Arial and Times New Roman, was created by a typeface designer.

Both fonts in this font pair below were also designed by someone who specializes in creating typefaces.

These days, we generally use typeface designs while brands want to create their fonts. For example, Netflix’s logo is in their branded Netflix Sans font, and Samsung’s own SamsungOne font.

Type #8: Motion Graphic Design
Motion graphic or animation design is another type of design you often see in videos and GIFs.

For example, take a look at this YouTube video where we unveiled our new brand mascot.

Designing animation or motion graphics requires a special tool and creating something that moves.

If you want to start small, you can use Nexcorp Academy’s video maker to create a motion video by customizing the template below.

Type #9: Illustration Design
The last type of graphic design we’re going to cover is illustrative design.

This type of graphic design is commonly used in professional programs such as Adobe by using a stylus and touchscreen to draw out elements and transform them into digital designs. However, every designer has their style and process.

You’ve seen this style a lot in our blog graphics. We include illustrative designs in many of our blog headers to help them stand out.









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