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What is Adobe Illustrator?

What is Illustrator, and what is it used for?

Adobe Illustrator is vector-based graphic designing software of Adobe company. This software is also used in graphic designing like Corel-DRAW software, such as designing visiting cards, banners, cartoon characters, web page layouts, and many other design-level tasks. It helps us complete it.

Adobe Illustrator software has all the tools available that a graphic designer needs and supports almost all the file formats. You can create a good design in a very short time using Adobe Illustrator software. This software is straightforward to learn and use – perhaps due to these features, today Adobe Illustrator has achieved a high position in the list of vector base graphic design software in the market.

Difference between vector and raster graphics

In Photoshop, when we zoom in on an image too much, we see colors inside small boxes which we call pixels. Inside the box, we can give color accordingly and can also delete it. Raster in Photoshop Graphics is used in which the image gets torn i.e. we see it blurry.

In Adobe Illustrator, when we zoom too much in an image, we see lines in it, which is called a Vector Graphic. Vector is like a rubber, as we drag it, the design also keeps getting stretched. Vector Graphic on Illustrator, It is used so that no matter how much we zoom the vector image does not get torn.

Adobe Illustrator tools and their uses –

First of all, go to file in the menu bar and click on new, where you will see many sizes like – mobile, web, print, etc. Choose the size as per your need, mostly we work in web size or we can give custom width, and height by ourselves. Can create a page. After that click on Create, now a white page will open in front of you on which we create the design using tools.


Pen tool: –

This tool is used for drawing in Adobe Illustrator. Just like we draw a picture with a pencil, similarly the pen tool is used. First, select the pen tool from the left sidebar and then go to the white page.
Suppose we want to make a leaf, then for that, we need 3 things. One. (dot) Click on the place where the leaf starts, after that click on the width you want to keep and move the mouse down a little. In this way, the upper part of the leaf will be created, after that click on the place from where it started, and by moving the mouse a little upwards, we can make the lower part.
After that, there are two boxes at the bottom of the sidebar to fill the border and color, the first box is for filling the color and the second is for giving the border. By double-clicking on the box and clicking on ok, we can give color and border.

Selection Tool:-

Its tool is used to select an image or box or to move it from one place to another. First of all, go to the file and click on open and select any image from your computer, after which an image will appear on the white page, after that select the selection tool from the sidebar and click on the image.
Now you will see a box around the image from where you can enlarge or reduce the image. Place the mouse in the line of the box and keep clicking. Move the mouse up and down so that we can enlarge or reduce the image. Similarly, You can move the image by clicking in the middle.

Direct Selection tool:-

It is used to show any image, or box in different sizes. After uploading the image on the white page, select the move tool from the sidebar and click on the image. After that, select the direct selection tool from the sidebar. Dots on all four sides of the image. Click and hold the mouse on the dot that appears and move the mouse up and down, which will change the size of the image. You can change any image as per your wish.

Rectangle tool:-

It is used to create a box inside which we can place color and text images. Select the Rectangle tool from the sidebar, then go to the white page hold the mouse, and move it to the right and downwards. Now a box will appear in front of you. It will be created in which we can give color and border, apart from this we can use the Round Rectangle tool, Ellipse tool, Polygon tool, and Flare tool.

Type tool:-

The type tool is used to write any title, text, or heading. After selecting the Type tool from the sidebar, click anywhere on the white page and write anything from the keyboard like your name, and below the menu bar you will find the font family, size, and color visible from where you can change anything, similarly, you can use different type tools like – Area Type tool, type on a path tool, vertical type tool and type on a path tool.

Eyedropper tool:-

This tool is used to color many boxes simultaneously. Firstly, make 2 boxes on the white page with the Rectangle tool, keep the color of the first box red and the color of the second box green. Select the Move tool from the sidebar and click on the second box, after that again select the Eyedropper tool from the sidebar and click on the first box. Now you must have seen that the color of the first box will also turn red. Similarly, by selecting many boxes together, You can color in just one click.

Magic Wand tool:-

You must be aware that magic means magic, here the tool also works like magic. Firstly, upload an image on the white page, select the Magic Wand tool from the sidebar go to the image, and click anywhere on it. You must have seen that the place where you clicked gets selected, from which you can delete or color the color by pressing the delete button.

Eraser tool:-

This tool is used to erase any box, color, or image. Firstly, create a rectangle box on the white page color it, and select the Eraser tool, after that click once anywhere in the box. Now you will see the color from there. Fades out.

Gradient tool:-

It is used to mix two or more colors. Select the gradient tool from the sidebar, then go to the white page and keep clicking the mouse. And move towards the right side, after releasing the mouse, we will see a design of 2 colors. To change the color, a box will open on the right side where you can change the color. Similarly, you can make the gradient from top to bottom as per your need. Can change.

What is the Perspective Grid tool in Illustrator?

It is used to create 3D designs in Adobe Illustrator. Select the Perspective Grid tool from the sidebar. After that, a mesh-shaped box will open on the white page. Suppose there is a house, and you are standing in a corner outside the house and your face is towards the house. From where you can see the left side as well as the right side, in this way we can see the design of the house in 3D. By clicking on one side of the mesh, we can fill the color.
After that, by clicking on the other side, we can fill in any other color, and we can fill color anywhere up and down. You must have seen that when we color a box, it looks like a house, in this way, we can make 3D designs in Adobe Illustrator. After learning what Adobe Illustrator is, there are many other tools that we use to create designs.

What is Adobe Illustrator used for?

FOR LOGO – To create a logo



Illustrator is a design program that you can use to design logos. Not only does Adobe Illustrator allow you to create completely custom logo designs, but Adobe Illustrator will also create your logo as a vector graphic. You can resize a vector graphic image to as large or small a size as you want.



BUSINESS CARDS – For business cards



Because Adobe Illustrator is great for printing graphics, creating business cards with this software is an easy task. Plus you can make them in any shape or size you ever want them to be.



ADVERTISING POSTERS – To make advertising posters



If you are a local business, posters can be used to announce upcoming events, promotions, or promotions. About which your customers should know. Design them in Adobe Illustrator, get them printed at a local print shop, and post them around town.






Social media banner Adobe Illustrator Not only is Adobe Illustrator great for print graphics, but it’s also great for creating web graphics. So, we mostly create all of our social media graphics in Adobe Illustrator.



INFOGRAPHICS – To create infographics



Picture information can be understood faster than written content. So if you’re not creating Infographics for your business, you should! To attract your audience.



BLOG POST TEMPLATES – To create feature images for the blog



It is very easy to create blog and website template feature images on Adobe Illustrator. This will also save a lot of time. You can see that we also create images of our blogs in Adobe Illustrator only. Check out the feature image in this blog post, it’s a good example.


Brochure – Brochure Design 

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator is our first choice for brochure design. You can create a very attractive Brochure design in it, which everyone will like as soon as they see it.




T-shirts – to design t-shirts

Adobe Illustrator

Using Adobe Illustrator you can create a good T-Shirt design. And nowadays all the printed T-shirts sold in the market are made on Adobe Illustrator or Karl Draw.




CARTOON CREATION – To make cartoons

Adobe Illustrator


You can create a cartoon picture very easily in Illustrator. Then later it can also be animated in a software called Adobe Flash. If your interest is in making cartoons then it is important to learn Adobe Illustrator.





Adobe Illustrator


email signature Adobe Illustrator, If you like to have a branded email signature for your Gmail account, you can create that too in Illustrator. That means now every time I send an email to a client or blog reader, they can click on your signature and go to your website or social media accounts.



PRINTABLES – Any printing work

Adobe Illustrator


You can make any printable item with Adobe Illustrator, such as wedding cards, advertisements, the design of any product box, etc.


Shortcuts of Adobe Illustrator:-

Common Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Ctrl + Z = Undo the last task or tool
  • Shift + Ctrl + Z = Redo the last task or tool
  • Ctrl + 0 = Zoom to the full extent of the page
  • Alt + Mouse Wheel scroll = Zoom in / out
  • Ctrl + Mouse Wheel scroll = Pan left  /right
  • Hold Spacebar = Pan tool
  • Ctrl + Spacebar = Zoom in the tool (click once or drag a box)
  • Ctrl + Alt + spacebar = zoom out tool (click once or drag a box)
  • Alt + the eyeball icon in the Layer panel will toggle all other layers’ visibility On / Off
  • Alt + the lock / unlock box in the layer panel will toggle All other layers’ editability On / Off
  • F7 = Open / Close the Layers panel




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