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In The Graphic Design field Top Best 7 Jobs

7 jobs In the Graphic Design field,

Today, youth trained in graphic design jobs are earning freelance money by doing book cover design, website creatives, advertising posters-banners, landing pages, logos, etc. It is a creative field that is very important for advertising in today’s time. That is why jobs are continuously emerging in this sector. If you are also looking for employment then the graphic field can be a better option for you.

At present, companies are updating their pages on social media platforms occasionally to promote their products because, in today’s time, information is given creatively and artistically attracts everyone. People talented in graphics do this work for companies. According to the company, they prepare all the necessary promotional materials including visual posters, banners, and logos using photos, text, and colors. Apart from this, youth skilled in graphics are today earning freelance money by doing book cover design, website creatives, advertising posters-banners, landing pages, logos, etc. It is a creative field that is very important for advertising today. That is why there is no shortage of jobs for trained youth in this field. If you also want to make your career by becoming talented in graphic design, then you can take the help of the Basic Graphic Design course of Nexcorp Academy.

Top 7 Graphic Design Jobs in India

  1. Creative Director:- He directs the creative process of graphics in the company and is responsible for managing all the necessary stages of production. Creative Director monthly salary starts from Rs40 thousand. At the same time, the Senior Creative Director gets a salary ranging from ₹ 80 thousand to ₹ 2 lakh per month.
  2. Design Manager:- They work related to the creation and management of product, graphic, or web design. Design managers lead the team that designs the product before bringing it to market. The monthly salary of a Design Manager in India ranges from around ₹ 40,000 to ₹ 1,50,000.
  3. Senior Graphic Designer:- He manages the graphic team as a manager and directs other graphic designers working under him. Senior Designer’s monthly salary ranges from around ₹ 40 to 80 thousand.
  4. Branding Designer:- These designers do design work related to the branding of products, services,  or companies. This includes logo, website, advertisement, packaging, brochure, banner, poster, stationery, etc. The monthly salary of a branding designer in India ranges from around ₹ 25 to 70 thousand. The demand for branding designers is increasing as all companies take the help of branding design to sell their products and services in different forms.
  5. Product Designer:- The responsibility of the product designer is to understand the needs of the product users and design the products for them. This is done keeping in mind product availability, business guidance, and user experiences. The monthly salary of a product designer in India ranges from around ₹ 20 to 60 thousand.
  6. Web Designer:- These designers create websites, internet portals, blogs, electronic newsletters, and other internet-related visuals. The monthly salary of a web designer in India ranges from around ₹20 to 50 thousand.
  7. Illustrator:- Illustrators creatively convey messages through their artworks. They create new artworks for various mediums such as advertisements, books, cartoons, films, TV shows, etc. The monthly salary of an illustrator in India ranges from ₹ 15 to ₹ 50.

Where will your career be?

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Advertising or Marketing Company
  • Design Companies
  • Printing and Publishing Companies

Knowledge of these 5 tools can make you a graphic design expert.

In today’s era, all companies are using their social media handles to increase the company business. More than one post is shared every day on these social media handles of the company in which graphics are used well. Graphic designers do this work for these companies. If you are also unemployed then you can make your career in this field through the graphic course of Nexcorp Academy. Graphic designers do this work for these companies. Apart from this, youth having design skills get jobs at better salaries in the posts of Art Director, Animator, Art-worker, Concept Artist, Illustrator UX UI Designer, etc. If you are creative and always eager to learn something new, then this field is definitely for you. Seeing the increasing demand for youth in this industry, Nexcorp Academy has started a Basic Graphic Design course for graduate unemployed youth. With its help, you can also make a great career with an attractive salary. Till now, hundreds of youth have made a brilliant career in the graphic field through this course.

graphic designer


  5 ways that Will Give You an Attractive Salary

  1. Advertising Art Director– A person who is responsible for the selection, execution, production, etc. of graphic art for a publication, advertising agency, or the like. These are in huge demand in the industry today.
  2. Artwork– Artwork is pictures and photographs that are created for inclusion in something such as a book or advertisement. These are prepared by art workers.
  3. Conceptual art– Conceptual art, sometimes simply called conceptualism, is art in which the concepts or ideas embodied in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic, technical, and material concerns.
  4. Graphic Designer– A graphic designer uses graphics to create various types of marketing materials, creating posters, advertising, packing designs, etc. Photos, posters, and banners are prepared using graphics.
  5. Illustrator– Graphic software is used to design visiting cards, design banners, cartoon characters, design web page layouts, etc. using Illustrator.

The graphic industry is worth 46 billion dollars

In today’s era, no company, brand, or industry can progress without design, hence the graphic industry has come on a boom. This is the reason why skilled youth are getting better job opportunities in graphic design. If you are also thinking of making your career in the graphic field, then you can take the help of a basic graphic design course for success. Due to the increasing popularity of social media platforms, the graphics design industry is emerging as a big field. This is a better field for those youths who have a degree in any subject and are interested in creative work because, in today’s digital age, design is needed in every field. That is why in the year 2021, the graphic industry has become worth about 46 billion globally. Talking about India, in the year 2020-21 alone, an industry market worth 3 billion dollars was created in the field of photo and design. Graphic design industry experts believe that there will be no shortage of jobs in this field in the coming years. Therefore, millions of youth in India and abroad are taking an interest in learning graphic design.


Build your Career with Nexcorp Academy

Candidates preparing for competitive exams or youth who want to make a career in fields like digital marketing, or graphics designing can take the help of Nexcorp Academy for better preparation. Nexcorp is currently running many technical courses along with courses in 2D & 3D Animation, Web Development, and the preparation of many other courses under the guidance of experts and faculties having years of experience. Therefore, if you are also looking for a private job, then you must visit Nexcorp Academy once and take admission in the course as per your choice.

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