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What is imAIgic?

imAIgic is a Midjourney prompts library that contains more than 1,000 free and searchable prompts.
Our team adds new prompts on a daily basis.
At first, images are sourced by our community and editorial team. Then our AI backend scans through the image to create a compelling description and categorize it. We have a long-term vision of creating the largest “learn by example” database of generated images and art.
Imaigic is used by AI researchers and enthusiasts to level up their AI prompt engineering game.

imAIgic: Use cases and features

1. Kickstart your next creative project by Copy&Pasting prompt templates 2. Find inspiration and develop prompts to the next level. 3. Elevate your prompt engineering game.
1. Easily find the prompt by example image you like
2. Elevate your AI prompt engineering skill by learning how the best prompters are doing it
3. Get a daily overview of the cutting edge features of LLMs, that’s being discovered.