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Cyber Security team is a professional responsible for the organization, Information, systems, networks and data from unathorized access.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is an applied science that focuses on protecting information systems and the networks in which electronic communication is made possible. Cyber security is considered as much of an art as a science by the practitioners the provide consulting, engineering, and IT security services that reduce risk for businesses and government.

Cyber Security is an Applied science.

Cyber Security is considered an art as much as a science.

Application Security

Application Security  (Short AppSec) includes all tasks that introduce a secure software development life cycle.

Cloud Security

Cloud Computing Security or, More simply cloud security refers to a broad set of policies, technology.

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security is the security provided to protect infrastructure , especially critical infrastructure.

Cyber Security Solutions

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Networking & Security

Network security consist of the policies processes and practice adopted. 

Managed Web Application

Learn about deploying secure applications using the Azure app service.

Protection Solution For All
The Protection Solution

Network security consists of the policies, process and practice adopted to detect and monitor unauthorized access misuse,  modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resouces.

99% Malware Detection Removal

Cyber Security Solutions

Cybersecurity breaches are no longer seasonal; they have a climatic presence now. Irrespective of the organization’s size or type, it is now important to ensure a dedicated team.

AWS Cloud Security

Include strategic insights such as how to overcome challenges, redifining risks, and more. Learn how to secure workloads in hybrid clouds.

Mobile Application
Security Course

A password should include a combination of letters, numbers, and characters. A password shouldn’t be shared with any other account.

Cyber forensics

Pseudonymisation is increasingly becoming a key security technique for providing a means that can facilitate personal data processing.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Debian-based distribution known for its robust collection of security tools, making it a preferred choice for ethical hackers and cybersecurity professionals.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking involves the authorized and responsible exploration of computer systems and networks to identify vulnerabilities and improve their security.


It is a vital skill for success in various fields, allowing for collaboration, mentorship, and the exchange of ideas that can lead to professional advancement and personal development.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is an active security assessment process that involves identifying vulnerabilities in a system or network through simulated attacks, aiming to uncover potential weaknesses before malicious actors can exploit them.

Python Programming

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{ BugBounty }

BugBounty sourced Cyber Security Marketplace

BugBount is a multi-purpose platform providing a cyber security marketplace, catering for any organization or business no matter what the size   

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